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The information available on the WellStar Health System (WHS) Employee Self-Service Web Site is confidential and is the property of the WellStar Health System. You understand and agree that:

  • 1) You are responsible for using the logoff button and closing the internet browser to ensure the confidentiality of your information.
  • 2) Failure to use the logoff button may place your personal information at risk.
  • 3) Your network user ID and password are your unique identifiers for this site.
  • 4) You are authorized to use your ID/Password as the equivalent of your signature, and WHS may, in its discretion, revoke your ID/Password without notification for improper use.
  • 5) You are the only person authorized to use your ID/Password, and you will safeguard and will not disclose your ID/Password to any individual or entity.
  • 6) If you have reason to believe that the confidentiality of your ID/Password or any of the Confidential Information from this site has been compromised, you should immediately
    • (a) change your ID/Password, and
    • (b) report the known or suspected breach of confidentiality to the Compliance Hotline at 1-888-800-5094 or the Privacy/Security Helpline at 678-331-6880.
  • 7) Downloads available on this site are provided as a courtesy to you. The decision to use them is entirely up to you. If you chose to download any of the files available on this site, it is your responsibility to read the instructions provided by the vendor to ensure the files are compatible for your home computer. WHS assumes no responsibility for any problems caused by the installation of any of these programs.
  • 8) Periodically this site will be down for maintenance. When possible downtime notifications will be sent to all associates via email.
  • 9) Maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday nights from 9 pm to Midnight on non Payroll Weeks.